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    • Happy Thanksgiving

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    •  11/23/2011 9:33:52 PM
    • At this time of the's always good to express THANKS...

      So here I go-

      I am thankful for my CHILDREN and their patience with me as their mother,

      I am thankful for my HUSBAND being my #1 fan,

      I am thankful for my gift and talent I have to CREATE,

      I am thankful for ANGELS that watch over and protect my family,

      I am thankful for my body and it's ability to HEAL and STRENGTHEN,

      I am thankful for my VISION and how it lifts and inspires,


      I am thankful for amazing "yummy" FRIENDS that watch over me.


      We hope you and your family have a wonderful


      Full of yummy healthy food, yummy family,

      and a yummy good time!



      Check out this YUMMY recipe-

      It's a RAW veggie side dish that would be great to

      fill up on before you dive into those PIES :)

      (Don't forget to top it off with our Peanut dressing...yummy!)

      Crispy VEGETABLE Salad (oriental)

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    • 5 Most Dangerous Foods for KIDS

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    •  11/7/2011 9:26:56 PM
    • The Five Most Dangerous Things to Feed Your Child


      1.  Butter and Cheese- Full of saturated fat and fat-delivered chemical pollutants

      2.  Potato Chips and French Fries- Rich in trans fat, salt, and carcinogenic acrylamides

      3.  Doughnuts and other trans fat-containing sweets- rich in trans fat, sugar, and other artificial substances

      4.  Sausages, hot dogs, and other luncheon meats- contain N-nitroso compounds that are potent carcinogens

      5.  Pickled, smoked, or barbequed meats- places you at risk of both stomach cancer and high blood pressure


      Here are 5 Foods that you SHOULD FEED YOUR CHILD:


      1.  BERRIES- You can easily feed these to your kiddos in their fruit smoothies.  My kids love eating frozen blueberries as a afternoon snack.

      2.  GREENS-  I cut up dark leafy greens and add them to many of our meals.  Don't forget those GREEN SMOOTHIES as well.

      3.  SEEDS-  Seeds are supernutritious wonder foods.  Try making our NO BAKE CHOCOLATE BALLS to get these into your children.  Also- don't forget to add some ground up flax seeds into your fruit smoothies.

      4.  TOMATOES- Dr. Joel Fuhrman teaches the cancer-fighting power of these vegetables (or fruits).  The easiest way for me to get these into my children is our ANYTIME BEAN DIP recipe.  If you haven't made this are missing out!

      4.  BEANS- Beans are fiber- and nutrient- packed.  They give soups that chewy goodness and help you feel full for longer.  We have TONS of bean recipes on our recipe section.

      Tonight I made one of my favorite 5 minute meals that my family loves:




      1 Green bell pepper, diced

      1/4 onion, chopped

      1-2 minced garlic cloves

      1 can BLACK BEANS

      I LOVE the SW Cuban BEANS- picture above.  These are a staple in my home.  I empty the entire can into my saucepan.  The flavor is so yummy!

      Whole wheat Tortilla shells



      Diced tomato





      Saute the pepper, onion and garlic in a little water until tender.  Add the can of beans and warm thoroughly.  Place warm mixture on a tortilla shell and add your desired toppings.  Wrap tortilla shell and eat immediately.  So good!


      Life is good!

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    • Bonus Lunchbox IDEAS

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    •  11/3/2011 6:25:17 PM
    • Here are 2 more ideas for LUNCHBOX MEALS for your kiddos!

      This is bonus...since LUNCHBOX ideas was for last month.  LUCKY YOU!!!

      I call this one my "VEGGIE FRUIT FAVORITE"

      I include a whole apple, 2 celery sticks,

      a handful of carrots (along with some RANCH DRESSING for dipping),

      and a spoonful of peanut butter.  My little girl loves to dip the apples and celery in it.

      Suprisingly- this is a very filling lunch.  My little girl loves the variety.


      Here is the classice PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY Lunch.

      I don't think we ever posted this I thought I needed to,

      since it is one of my little girl's favorites.

      I also include a fruit and a vegetable (with ranch to dip)

      I also include a fruit leather and almonds.



      Much love,

      Veteran Mommy


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