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    • Bill Clinton's Diet on CNN: Dr.'s Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. and Dean Ornish

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    •  9/25/2010 9:16:57 AM

      If I were you....I would suggest that you watch this video when you get a second.


      This knowledge that WHOLE FOOD MOMMIES call our "PASSION" is starting to really show it's face in our national media.  The research is hasn't been hard to find.  But now it looks like it is coming to us.


      This way of eating has given us "mommies" FREEDOM.  This knowledge has helped us feel CONFIDENT in the way we feed our children- so they WILL BE DISEASE FREE.  Wouldn't every mother want that?


      We applaude Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Ornish & Bill Clinton for speaking out.  Many lives can change for the better if people take notice and take action.


      Need some ideas on what to feed your family?  Check out our recipe section!  Our blogs give you an added bonus on fun & interesting nutrition facts that we love to share.




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    • Vitamin D and KIDS

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    •  9/20/2010 10:09:21 PM
    • While I was posting my blog about NUT MILKS (found here)... I started thinking more about VITAMIN D...and are my kids getting enough?


      I found a recent study that was conducted across the U.S.- it revealed that 7 out of 10 children have dangerously low levels of vitamin D leaving them at risk of heart disease, and weak bones as adults.

      Another study I found showed that vitamin D sufficiency is important for preventing type 2 diabetes, cognitive decline, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. (for info on these studies- check this out)


      A sufficient amount of vitamin D is difficult to obtain from dietary sources. It is possible to obtain vitamin D from direct sun exposure—without sunscreen (sunscreens block UV-B rays they in turn prevent the body from converting vitamin D).


      However, some researchers state that the amount of sunshine necessary to assure sufficient vitamin D exposure is potentially harmful.  ALSO- KIDS often spend too much time indoors watching television, playing video games, or on the computer...


      SO to ensure that my children are getting enough VITAMIN D I have started giving them a supplement.


      I have been taking a VITAMIN D supplement for a years now- and what's awesome is my children can take the same one as me.


      The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated their guidelines in 2008 for vitamin D intake in infants, children, and teens. Their latest guidelines increased the recommended minimum daily intake from 200 IUs to 400 IUs per day of vitamin D for all infants, children, and adolescents beginning in the first few days of life.


      The supplement I use is Dr. Fuhrman's Osteo-Sun.  You can find it here.

      This is what Dr. Fuhrman recommends:

      Children 0 to 6 months:

      •Liquid vitamin D supplement for infant, with 4-6 capsules of Osteo-Sun daily for pregnant or breastfeeding mother as well
      Children 6 to 24 months:

      •1 capsule of Osteo-Sun opened and mixed in formula or food
      Children 24 months to 6 years:

      •2 capsules of Osteo-Sun opened and mixed in food or drink
      6 years and up:

      •3 capsules of Osteo-Sun opened and mixed in food or taken by mouth


      Thanks for reading!


      • I don't see the infant liquid vitamin D on his site. Where do you find that?
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    • Baby Food Recipe- GREENS

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    •  9/13/2010 10:13:35 PM

      I have LOVED hearing your responses about HOMEMADE BABY FOOD- so I am going to keep sharing


      Here is another one of my 11 month old's favorite DINNERS:  Broccoli & Rice porridge.


      I love when I can feed her anything GREEN.  This is such a yummy recipe...and it is so quick and easy.  I always try to have some Homemade PORRIDGE/CEREAL in my refrigerator...and we eat steamed broccoli at least twice a week.  So this recipe doesn't require any planning and it takes SECONDS.


      BEFORE the recipe- I thought I needed to add what KITCHEN TOOL I use to mix/puree my baby food:

      This is a MINI FOOD PROCESSOR made by Cuisinart and it is the BEST!!!  All I do is place my steamed veggies inside- along with my porridge...and GRIND it all together till I have my desired consistency.  I purchased this at COSTCO over 4 years ago...and it still works like NEW. 



      Broccoli & Rice Porridge



      Whole Grain Porridge (see recipes here and here- I will be adding more soon.)

      Steamed broccoli



      Place 3-5 pieces of steamed broccoli in your food processor.  Add approx. 1/2 - 3/4 cup whole grain porridge.  PUREE together until you reach your desired consistency.  Younger children will need to extra smooth- so you can add breastmilk, formula or water to the porridge.  My 11 month old can handle small chunks so I puree the mixture for only a few seconds. 

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    • Baby Food Recipe- Yellow Squash

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    •  9/6/2010 10:57:50 PM
    • I know I have been posting a lot about BABY FOOD lately- but that is a big part of my life right now.  And it is a part that I am definitely enjoying!


      My little girl's favorite meal right now comes straight from our garden...



      Yellow Squash (Crooked Neck Squash)


      I pick it straight from my garden, chop it up into bite sized pieces and steam the vegetables until very tender.  My little girl loves this squash as a finger food, but her favorite way to eat this yummy vegetable is pureed with HOMEMADE BROWN RICE CEREAL.  Tonight I added ground Lentils to her rice cereal and she LOVED IT!


      Here is a double batch recipe:

      1/2 cup organic brown rice

      1/4 cup brown lentils

      Grind these whole grains until very fine.

      Mix into 2 1/4 cups boiling water- simmer on LOW covered for 10 minutes.


      Add steamed squash to a serving of the cereal and puree until smooth.  Mix-in 1 tsp of ground flax seed and serve.


      I love feeding my little one healthy whole foods...especially when they come straight from my garden!



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    • Milk substitute for BABIES

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    •  8/31/2010 12:43:04 AM
    • I had a good friend the other day asked me the following question:


      "If you don't drink DAIRY, what do you feed your babies once they are weaned?"


      This is a wonderful question...and I thought the answer would make a great BLOG.

      So here you go...


      I nursed my first two children for about 16 months.  (I will see what my third child needs when that time comes).


      I never felt that I needed to wean my children to another milk when they were done drinking mine.  What we do in our society is actually kind of weird when you think about it... (the info below is taken from a prior blog found here).



      Every mammal on Earth- whether it’s a dog, a cat, a whale, a cow, a hippo, a giraffe, a tiger or a human being, large or small, omnivore or carnivore- eats his first food from his mother’s breast.  Each species has its own milk that is unique to that species and no other.  This highly nutritious milk it is the best possible food during infancy.

      Every mammal stops drinking milk once it is weaned, except human beings.

      We not only continue to drink milk after infancy but we choose to drink milk from an animal that is not even remotely close to us in size.  Does this seem a little off to you?  If we were to drink another mammals milk- we would be better to drink chimpanzee's milk since they are most like us genetically...right?  Actually studies have shown that the human body digests goat's milk far better than a cow's, since their digestive tract is more similar to ours.

      So why did we choose a cow?

      Cow’s milk is genetically formulated for its young, it is the food for a 90 lb. calf at birth, which will eventually reach the weight of somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds in only 2 years.  Human milk is genetically formulated for its young; it is the food for a 5 to 10 lb. infant who will eventually reach the weight somewhere between 100 and 200 lbs. in 18 years.  In other words, cow’s milk is specifically designed for an animal that will grow very large, very fast.  So when speaking logically, if we want to get real big, real fast, like a cow…we should drink their milk.



      So what should you do if you are ready to stop giving your child formula...or you are ready to stop nursing...and you feel your child is still needs nourishment through a bottle?


      I know of some mother's who have turned to raw goats milk.  I have read some good things about this type of milk (it's definitely more like our's than the milk from a cow).  This might ring true to you...if so- research it.


      What would I do?


      If my child was over a year old...I would turn to:  NUT MILKS

      (your baby should be at least 8 months old to try these).


      There are so many WONDERFUL & AMAZING things about RAW NUTS!  (see blogs here & here)

      Nut milks are super nutritious...and they can provide calcium & protein (BUT not Vitamin you can purchase a supplement if you are worried about that).


      Did you know that raw SESAME SEEDS are the most calcium dense whole food on the planet?


      And what's wonderful about this type of CALCIUM is that it is ABSORBS so efficiently in the human body (it has been found that only 32% of the calcium in COW's milk is absorbed).


      So why not make NUT MILK using some sesame seeds...and have a whole food CALCIUM drink for your child?  Doesn't that sound AWESOME!!!


      Here is a wonderful recipe that I have used for all my children.  There are some variations that I will add later to our recipe section.



      (I will post a picture soon)




      1/2 cup soaked almonds

      1 TBS raw sesame seeds

      1 cup water



      1 tsp real maple syrup or 2 dates (to make is slightly sweeter)

      1 shake Cinnamon

      1/8 tsp Vanilla



      Soak almonds overnight in water.  Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender until very smooth.

      When your child is still drinking through a bottle- you will need to STRAIN the pulp from the milk so it will pass through the bottle without getting stuck.

      TO STRAIN:  Purchase food grade cheese cloth and pour the liquid thru the cloth into a bowl.  The pulp will remain in the cloth for you to discard...or eat for yourself.

      NUT MILK will stay good in your refrigerator for up to 3 days.

      • Hi, thanks so much! I googled and came across your blog and it is so helpful! I do have one question, my baby girl is 4 months old and I have her on breastmilk exclusively, however, she is on and off refusing milk, breast or bottle, even during her sleep, so my milk supply fluctuates so much that I have to pump to ensure the supply. But i really don't like pumping and it makes me very sad, and i don't want to be sad since i am taking care of baby 24-7 and i just want to do things that make me happy so she can grow up happy. So, i want to turn to a different milk just to see if she would show more interest but i don't want to feed her animal milk, so i don't want to turn to formula because its basically just processed cows milk. Do you have any suggestions for me? Since you said almond milk is only for 12 months or older? thanks so much!!!!
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