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    • After Christmas CLEANSE

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    •  12/28/2010 9:38:20 AM
    • Christmas is such a fun time!  Spending all that time with family & friends and unfortunately spending too much time with DISEASE PROMOTING FOODS.  I believe there is a point where it is about impossible to NOT eat bad food when it is infront of you for long periods of time (long period meaning about 1 day).  That is why I love the advice that I found in the book: THE PLEASURE TRAP (I'm sure you can find this information many places).  It teaches to NOT have your "traps" in your all!

      Get JUNK FOOD out of your home...period.

      BUT- how does this work when a sample of this type of food appears on your doorstep every hour during the holidays?


      Here is my advice TODAY... What has happened- HAPPENED.  What you are going to do now is what's important.  Don't get down on yourself if you didn't eat exactly how you wanted to...or how you think you should have.  LET'S MOVE FORWARD...




      Here are some examples of some "CLEANSES" that I support:


      1.  WATER FASTING (starting with the most extreme).  The purpose for this type of "cleanse" is not to lose weight- it is to literally CLEAN your body- give it a TOTAL break so it can HEAL itself.  It is to cure DISEASES.  To read more on this type- check out Joel Fuhrman's book= FASTING FOR HEALTH.  Since this cleanse should be doctor supervised...this is not my choice right now in my life (especially since I am still nursing).  But I thought I would throw it out there for those who are interested.


      2.  JUICE FASTING.  There is many advocates of juice fasting (raw fruit & vegetable juice)...there is also those who don't believe this type to be that beneficial.  I believe it isn't as complete as water fasting- but it does give you body a little break.  And it is pretty straight forward- easy to understand and accomplish.  Not saying it won't be hard- but you can make some great tasting blends using fruit & veggies.  My favorite is a carrot juice blend with dark leafy greens, apple, lemon & cucumber.  I would love to do a juice fast right now- but since I am nursing- this isn't my choice either. (Books on juice fasting that I have purchased include:  Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, Dr. N.W. Walker ; Juice Fasting & Detoxification, Steve Meyerowitz ; Super Cleanse, Adina Niemerow ; The Juice Fasting Bible, Sandra Cabot, M.D.)


      3.  RAW FOODS.  Another great way to give your body a break is to eat only RAW foods for a few days in a row. Your body can digest RAW foods very easily- so it won't have to work that hard at all during the cleanse.  It can work on removing unneeded toxics, fat, disease, etc. RAW food can provide you with ALL your needed nutrients (except Vit D- which you can get from the sun & Vit B12).  You can get all your essential fatty acids (which promote brain health and heart health).  You also consume your needed FIBER- which I believe is one of the most important- if not the most important NUTRIENT for your overall health.  When eating a raw foods diet- you can consume huge amounts of FIBER- which can perform MIRACLES in the body.  This is my CLEANSING choice right now.  Since I still want to be a little active during the cleanse.  I can add fresh raw juices to this cleanse but also have the fiberious whole fruits & vegetables.  You could also have a slight variation to this cleanse and add some cooked vegetables here and there if needed (like steamed dark leafy greens would be an excellant choice).


      So here is a thought- If you ate an EXTREMELY unhealthy diet this past week...would it be that crazy to commit to eat an EXTREMELY healthy diet for this coming week.  Many people I talk to are scared to go too extreme...but I think it is logical.  Your body has been dealing with an EXTREME already-


      Why not HELP it?

      And think how GOOD you are going to feel!


      Here are 2 exercises that came to me this morning as I was thinking about my CLEANSE.  I believe these are a great way to COMMIT:

      1.  Write down how you are going to feel AFTER you have accomplished your cleanse.  Right how you are going to feel about yourself, your body and about your accomplishment.  Try to truly FEEL.  And act like it has already happened.  Try to read this everyday of your cleanse to stay motivated.


      2.  Write yourself a prescription.  You can use the template below if you would like (just copy & paste into a word doc).  Write the date- and your PRESCRIPTION on exactly what you should do.  Have someone sign it and DO IT like you are under Doctor's orders.  Print this and place it somewhere where you see it often. 



      Depending on the details of your prescription will depend on what you should plan during the days of your cleanse.  Don't plan anything you can't handle.  And remove all junk food from your house.  Also... PLAN!  Have a meal plan for the days of your cleanse.  Know exactly what you are going to eat, and when and have these foods in your home.  It is a prescription- remember.  So you have to do it :)  Good luck!




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    • Vegan Veggie Pizza

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    •  12/14/2010 12:48:01 AM
    • Before I share with you a WONDERFUL YUMMY recipe...I wanted to get personal for a moment (crazy...veteran mom getting personal online- doesn't happen...prepare yourself...)


      I have amazing friends that inspire and uplift me.  Each time I am around them- I learn something new about myself that I needed to know to move forward.  They are my "ANSWERS".


      It is a blessing to have friends that share my beliefs in nutrition- which is a big part of my life.

      It is a blessing to have friends that are sensitive to my feelings and desires.

      It is a blessing to have friends that let me share my gifts and talents...and help me identify them more.

      It is a blessing to have GREAT friends...I love them!!!  I love connecting with people- and that is a reason why I love having this site.  It is a fun way to connect & share.

      Thank you for letting me share :)





      Here is a recipe for the pizza I made for my family this past week (it's a modified version of Rip Esselstyn's Supreme Pizza- which he gave me permission to share).

      I was pleasantly surprised how good it was.  My kids (6 & 3 yr old) had to pick off a few of their least favorite ingredients but they didn't mention that they missed the cheese- that was cool!  I loved the spinach!  And I loved this pizza as a leftover!  Also- I haven't been fan of any veggie burger I have ever tried.  But for some reason- on a pizza...the veggie burger tastes REALLY GOOD.  I believe I purchased AMY's brand.


      Vegan Veggie Pizza


      1 jar pizza sauce

      2 Pizza Crusts- Whole Wheat Pizza dough (see recipe here)

      8 ounces frozen spinach, thawed, rinsed, and drained

      8 ounces mushrooms, sliced

      1 onion, sliced thinly

      2 cloves garlic, minced

      2 red bell peppers, seeded and sliced

      2 veggie burger patties, thawed and chopped

      2 roma tomatoes, sliced

      1-2 TBS nutritional yeast


      Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Spread a thick layer of sauce on the crusts.  Cover with a generous amount of spinach and top with the remaining ingredients except for the yeast.  Cook on a sprayed baking sheet or pizza stone for 15-20 minutes.  Sprinkle the pizzas with nutritional yeast before serving.



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    • What we eat...affects the EARTH

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    •  12/6/2010 10:56:13 PM
    • Here are a few statistics that I recently read regarding WHAT WE AMERICANS EAT and HOW IT IS AFFECTING THE EARTH.  I thought these were very interesting...


      They were taken from the recent Conference held by The World Preservation Foundation in London.  You can read more about this on Dr. Joel Fuhrman's blog.  He was one of the speakers at this conference.



      1)     Raising livestock and their by-products account for at least 32.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year, or 51 percent of annual worldwide green house gas (GHG) emissions.


      2)     Thirty percent of the entire land surface of Earth is devoted to livestock production, including plants used to feed the livestock.


      3)     Replacing meat with plant-derived sources of calories and protein could reduce the land area required to feed the human population by more than 80 percent and recover about 25 percent of the landfor restoration, solar energy capture, or other eco-friendly purposes.


      4)     Between 23-30 percent of our global ecological footprint comes from agriculture, primarily livestock production.


      5)     Beef takes 70 times more land to produce than vegetables.


      6)     80 percent of the world’s soy production is consumed by livestock.


      7)     About 50 percent of the world’s grain supply is used to feed livestock. This is while almost 11 million children who live in the countries where these feed grains are grown, die ironically of hunger each year.


      8)     In 2009, for the first time, the number of people suffering from hunger exceeded 1 billion. This doesn’t include people facing hunger shortages from natural disasters.


      9)     If all 6.78 billion people on Earth began consuming as many animal products as residents of the United States, we would need over 3 planet Earths to meet the demand. If all people on Earth became vegetarians, less than one Earth would be needed to meet food demands.

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