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Going Beyond



My journey started the day I became a MOMMY. From the very beginning I had such a strong desire to feed my children the best. And thus I started my quest to find out what exactly is the best. In doing so, I not only found how to feed my children but also how to feed myself. One of my greatest joys as a Mommy is when I cook an extremely healthy meal and my family not only eats it, but asks for seconds. Does my family eat perfect? I wish I could say yes. Unfortunately the real world comes into play. But there is a power in knowing what is perfect...A power in knowing what foods cause disease...A power in knowing how my family and I can live a long healthy life together. Join me on my never-ending journey of eating that healthy meal and never feeling guilty about asking for seconds.


You know You’re a Veteran when:
1 -You actually have a “favorite” leafy green (collard, mustard, chard, kale etc.)
2 - You have tried making your own almond milk.
3 - You know longer know what a good price for chicken breast is.
4 - You refer to plant milk as “MILK” and the other stuff as “COW’s MILK”.
- The death of your blender might be more traumatic than the death of a family member.
6 - The foods you “used to eat” can now send your body into a frenzy with even so much as a bite.
7 -  Maple syrup, stevia and agave nectar are common household sweeteners (as opposed to “the white stuff”).
8 - You bring your own “meat” (ie bean burgers and veggie dogs) to the neighborhood BBQ.
9 - Quinoa, kale and a can of beans are your too-busy-to-make-dinner-go-to-meal.
10 - You continue to look for new information and ways to improve your health.  Being a VETERAN doesn't mean you already know everything, it means you have a strong desire to always LEARN MORE!


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