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About Us

We are three mommies who were blessed to find each other at the perfect time in our lives.  We all moved into the same neighborhood and all having young children (11 kids total) found many things in common.  The ONE shared passion that brought us the closest was NUTRITION.  We all have a strong desire to feed our children THE BEST.  To feed them foods that will disease proof their lives and give them as many opportunities as possible.  After many months of sharing our thoughts, recipes and amazing books with each another, we came to have a VERY STRONG urge to share these truths with others.  And that is how Whole Food Mommies began

This is our JOURNEY and our PASSION.  We have all come to this point with different experiences and circumstances, but we believe no matter where you are at in your life, adapting a whole food plant based diet is achieveable and is so important!  We do this for our children and their future and we are so grateful for this opportunity to raise awareness in as many families as we can.


With much LOVE,

Newbie Mommy

Maintenance Mommy

Veteran Mommy

The Whole Food Mommies Community